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OC/PRO Celebrates 15th Anniversary.

OC/Pro Canada and/or it's founding affiliates have been certifying organic product for 15 years. A review of OC/PRO's evaluation may be of interest to readers.

Two independent but similar organic certification bodies were founded in 1990 - OCPP Ontario and Pro-Cert Organic Systems, Saskatchewan. These "fee for service" certifiers were unique in many ways but in particular because Professional Agrologists (P.Ags) were involved in management and that neither or these certifiers demanded a percentage of their client's income, or required membership or meeting attendance.

The obvious commonalities, the strategic east-west office locations, the like-minded founding principals and the need for the intellectual and financial mass to survive in Canada's unregulated organic environment led to the Alliance Agreementin 1995 and to a formal merger in 1999. The founding affilliates which still provide the actualcertification services under license from OC/PRO, now certify some 1,400 organic producers,processors, handlers and traders in Canada and abroad.

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